proXPN Opens Invitations to Developers for CloudXPN, a New Private, Secure Network

proXPN Opens Invitations to Developers for CloudXPN, a New Private, Secure Network

proXPN is proud to unveil the latest evolution of their industry leading VPN service. CloudXPN is a secure, private but fully functional network that aims to give users unrivaled peace of mind. Its effectively a private corner of the Internet, only accessible to users while they are connected to proXPN.

While working to create their extraordinary free VPN service in 2009, the team at proXPN met with numerous Internet security experts and developed plans for CloudXPN, a super secure access and private subset of the Internet. Over the past four years their product plans have been carefully developed and the resulting service will launch soon. The team at proXPN is very proud to announce CloudXPN, a private network only accessible while connected to the Internet with secure access proXPNs VPN.

Mr. Jon Ingle, a senior technician at proXPN, describes CloudXPN as, A uniquely secure access and private Internet within the Internet. It supports the same Internet technologies as the public Internet but CloudXPNs private Internet is not public Internet accessible.

When you log on to a public Internet site like Gmail, says Mr. Ingle, all data between your device and the proXPN server is encrypted and secure. But once past the proXPN server youre talking about the public Internet. proXPN hides your IP, prevents people from sniffing packets on your Wi-Fi network, and even stops your ISP from keeping logs of your activity, theres still a step between the proXPN server and Gmail thats open and public. CloudXPN eliminates that gap.

The proXPN development team is issuing an open call to developers whod like to work in the new CloudXPN environment. Secure email, instant messaging, and file storage are all excellent candidates for new CloudXPN Apps. As all hosting is on the CloudXPN network users will enjoy an unprecedented level of secure access.

CloudXPN App developers will benefit from integrated billing systems tied directly to proXPN user accounts. Developers will also have direct access to proXPNs existing user base of over two million individuals via exposure in the CloudXPN Marketplace, a showcase of CloudXPN available via proXPN for Mac and Windows as well as

Developers can build secure access websites with CloudXPNs new domain. Those sites look and function exactly like sites on the open Web, but are accessible only through CloudXPN. While on an active proXPN connection, users can access secure websites such as, a site meant to demonstrate the possibilities of the network. Users without a proXPN connection are blocked.

About proXPN:

Founded in 2009, proXPN is a leading VPN provider. Unlike other services they offer free accounts. Unlike the SaaS standard practice of time-based free trials, a proXPN free VPN account lasts for life and is limited only by connection speed. proXPN Premium account users enjoy unlimited connection speeds as well as advanced features such as PPTP compatibility for mobile devices and VPN Guard, proXPNs method of cutting all data transfer should the VPN connection fail, ensuring all data is encrypted during transmission even if theres a system error. proXPNs firm stance on the importance of individual privacy and security online mirrors public sentiment expressed during debates over SOPA and PIPA.

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