VPNReviewz Launches Campaign To Assist University Anti-Censorship Project

VPNReviewz Launches Campaign To Assist University Anti-Censorship Project

Ive always believed that internet freedom and privacy is the cornerstone to innovation and creation, says Michael Maxstead, CEO of VPNReviewz, but, in the last few years there has been an alarming increase in the number of countries filtering, monitoring, and blocking websites and internet services. He quickly adds that his website not only rates and reviews Virtual Private Networking, (VPN,) proxy, and anonymity software and providers, but also educates and informs their readers about ongoing human rights issues surrounding the internet and computer networking. In the last few years, it has even been claimed that in some Mid-East countries the internet had been almost completely turned offany traffic that actually was getting through was almost surely heavily monitored.

The use of personal VPNs to get around government filtering and monitoring has long been a non-secret in the countries that are most active in their censoring and monitoring efforts, but recent upgrades to the Great Firewall of China has the entire VPN and proxy industry, users and providers alike, scrambling to either find a VPN provider that has not had their IP address blocked, or experiment with the configurations of the software client that connects to the VPN server until a solution was found. And, there hasnt been much in the way of success being reported for the providers that have had their IP addresses blocked already, the VPNReviewz CEO stated.

But recently VPNReviewz reported on a University of Tsukuba project, the VPN Gate Project, that according to Maxstead, could be a solution to the manner in which privacy services and software are being blocked most usually, the IP address. The VPN Gate project relies on individual volunteers around the world that allow their computers to host as well as use the privacy service. Maxstead claims that through an ever changing list of IP addresses that are added via the growing network of volunteers operating VPN hosts outside of governmentally restricted areas, blocking access to any portion of the internet could well become impossible.

In order to assist the project in their aims, VPNReviewz will be publishing tutorials and instructions for those that wish to participate, either as a user or as a host, in the upcoming weeks. There will be direct links to the project website, and information about the parent of the VPN Gate project, the SoftEther VPN project. Over the next months we will be taking a much closer look at both of these projects, Maxstead announced, But, we will be starting with the VPN Gate project, its the most recently fielded, he said. VPN Gate launched in early March 2013 and in the few short weeks they have been online have managed to increase their servers list to more than 400 servers globally.

Maxstead said that the exact number of servers available changes daily. Since it (VPN Gate) went live, the number of available servers has increased almost daily, but project volunteers located in non-censored countries are still needed. At the time of this writing the project listed over 400 public VPN servers in at least 165 countries, more than 1.8 million users, and has facilitated more than 117,000 GB of traffic cumulatively. The numbers of users is staggering, Maxstead says, so a project of this scope always has room for more volunteer servers.

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