Frequently Asked Questions

  • Thunderbird Email client stops working when connected to Hide My Ass

    By default Thunderbird takes the current system settings from Internet Explorer which means that when Hide My Ass is connected it will use the protected IP address. Unfortunately due to high amounts of spam sent via Hide My Ass in it’s early days, email support was totally disabled within the program.

    This is not a problem however, to get Thunderbird working again all you need to do is follow these steps:

    1. Open Thunderbird
    2. Click on the ‘Tools’ menu then select ‘Options’
    3. Select the ‘Advanced’ icon
    4. Select the ‘Network & Disc Space’ tab
    5. In the Connection box click on the ‘Settings…’ button
    6. Select ‘No Proxy’ from the list and press ‘OK’
    7. Press ‘OK’
    Once you’ve completed the steps please try your connection again.


My Anti-virus / Anti-spyware detected Easy-Hide-IP as a trojan!
  • First of all let me assure you that Hide My Ass does not contain any viruses, trojans, spyware or adware. The problem is that most anti-virus programs don’t just look for specific known viruses but look at what a program does and if it considers it to be suspicious it will detect it as being a problem (even though it may not be).

    In the case of Easy-Hide-IP to protect your identity and change your IP address we need to re-route your traffic through our private servers and to do this we set the proxy for Internet Explorer automatically. Some trojans also work in the same way but of course their intention is to cause damage your computer, this is why a few anti-virus programs detect Hide My Ass as being a problem when it really is not.

    Please take a look at the link below for a full set of anti-virus reports gathered by a third party (Download3k.com) which includes Bitdefender, NOD32, Avira and Kaspersky which all report Easy-Hide-IP as being clean.

  • What is Hide MY Ass?
  • Hide My Ass is a program that allow you to surf the Internet completely anonymously. It protects your identity and location.
  • Why should I use Hide My Ass?

    Identity theft happens all the time and happens on-line as well. Also people can view your on-line browsing, ie can see every page you have visited. Hide My Ass protects you from this by routing your browsing through 3 random servers throughout the world ending in a location of your choice.

  • Can I use Easy-Hide-IP on more than one computer?

    Your Hide My Ass license can only be used on one computer. We do however sell licenses for more than one system and at a reduced rate. We can offer a 2 license pack for $45, a 3 license pack for $60 and a 4 license pack for just $70.

    If you would like to go ahead with the purchase please follow the links below. Once the payment has been made please contact our support team so we can generate the licenses as multiple licenses are not generated automatically.

    Buy a 2 license pack for $45 | Buy a 3 license pack for $60 | Buy a 4 license pack for $70

  • What network speed can I expect to receive?

    The current capability of the network is between 1.5mb and 2.5mb depending on the server you are connected to. We are looking to increase this speed all the time with the addition of new servers. In the coming weeks we will be adding new servers to the US as well as new countries and increasing the overall network speed per user to 3mb.

  • Is there an Apple Mac version of Hide My Ass?

    We do not have a version of Hide My Ass available for the Mac at the moment but it is something that a lot of users are requesting.

    We will be looking at the possibility of creating a Mac version in the coming months but I can’t give you a time frame at this point.

  • Is Easy-Hide-IP Encrypted?

    Yes! With version 4.1 and above of Easy-Hide-IP and above all your connections are encrypted by default using the industry standard BlowFish algorithm. For those looking for more information about this encryption method please take a look at the original developers

  • I don’t have a PayPal account, an I still purchase a license?

    Paypal will accept payment even if you don’t have an account but do have a Credit/Debit card. Follow the PayPal link on our payment page then click Continue where you see this text:

    ‘Don’t have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available). Continue’

    If you still have problems with PayPal we also accept payments from Liberty Reserve, and 2Checkout:

    One Year License

    Monthly Subscription License

  • I’ve paid but my license key has not arrived!

    Your license keys is sent out automatically to your registered PayPal email address when you make a purchase. The emails are sometime detected as spam by some email clients so its also a good idea to check your spam folder as well.

    If you still are not having any luck please send us an email at support@fineproxy.eu or contact us using our contact page.

  • I paid with an eCheck, where is my license key?

    eChecks take longer to process because the bank needs to send the money to PayPal via a wire transfer that can take a few days, this is a limitation of the banking system, not of PayPal. Please contact our support team and we will extend your demo license until the eCheck has cleared with PayPal.

  • How do I pay with Liberty Reserve?

    Below are the details you will need to make a payment with Liberty Reserve. Once the payment has been made please contact our support team and we will email you the license key directly.

    To complete your transaction you must send us your Liberty Reserve details including account number; batch number; date and the exact amount paid and we will email you the license key directly.

    Please be sure to make a note of the batch number, as we cannot process your transaction without it.

  • How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your PayPal account and following these steps. Once cancelled you will no longer be billed for any more payments and you can continue using Hide My Ass until your current payment period expires.

    1. Login to your PayPal account
    2. Click on the ‘Profile’ link below the tabs
    3. Click on ‘Recurring Payments’, this will display a list of active subscriptions
    4. Select Hide My AssĀ from the list
    5. Press the ‘Cancel subscription’ link