• Quick Start Guide

    To help you get started quickly with Hide My Ass, we have put together this quick start guide to assist you in successfully installing the program, get it up and running and begin using the Internet anonymously as quick and easy as possible.

    If you have any problems then you can email us at at any time, or contact us via our contact page.

    For commonly asked questions please see our frequently asked questions section.

  • 1) Installation

    Once you download the software installer file easyhideip.exe from our website, double click it to begin the installation. The setup window will appear requesting you to shut down all other programs, including your browser. After doing so, click next and read the license agreement. After accepting the agreement, choose the folder that you want Hide My Ass to be installed in. Unless you have a custom drive setup on your computer, it is recommended to install the program in the default directory (C:\Program Files\Hide-My-Ass\).

    If you would like for Hide My Ass to work with Firefox automatically then make sure you install the plugin that is provided with the installation. The plugin will be loaded next time you start Firefox.

  • 2) Starting Easy-Hide-IP

    After successfully installing Hide My Ass, load the program. When you start Hide My Ass for the first time you will be asked to either enter your registration details or start your 3 day free trial.

  • 3) Requesting a Demo License

    If you have chosen to start your 3 day trial then you will need to request a demo license from Hide My Ass. Enter your email address in the provided form within the Hide My Ass software to process this request. Once you submit your email address your demo license will be created and mailed to you.

    Make sure you are using a functioning email address, otherwise you will not be able to receive your demo license key. If you do not see an email message from us after several minutes of submitting the request then please check your Spam folder before contacting us.

  • 4) Entering the Demo License Details

    Check your email for the registration key and enter the registration details (email and key) in Easy-Hide-IP. Remember you have 3 days to evaluate the software, after that you will need to uninstall the software or buy a full registration. Once you enter in the demo license details you will then be able to start using Hide My Ass

  • 5) Easy-Hide-IP Interface

    Once Hide My Ass is started and your license details are successfully entered, it will load network information to retrieve an active list of IP addresses that you can use. You can sort this list by location, name or signal strength to help you locate your desired IP address more easily.

  • 6) Connecting to an IP

    Connecting to a specific IP address in the list is done by clicking on the ‘Connect’ button next to the IP. This will initiate the connection process and start routing all your browser traffic through the server you have chosen.

    From this point on your IP address will appear to be show as the new address and your real IP address will be hidden.

  • 7) Restoring your identity

    To restore your real IP address and stop routing your network traffic through Easy-Hide-IP simply press the red ‘Disconnect’ button at the top of the Window. This will shut down the Hide My Ass network services and clear your systems proxy settings.

    Remember, once disconnected your real identity will no longer be protected.

  • 8) Auto-Changing your IP every few minutes / hours

    Hide My Ass allows you to automatically change your IP address every fixed number of minutes, you can also choose these IP’s on a country specific filter. This means for example that you can have the system automatically cycle through the US IP address so that you receive a new US IP address every 10 minutes. These intervals can be set to 1, 5, 10, 30 and 60 minutes as well as every 2, 6 and 12 hours giving you maximum flexibility when protecting your identity.

    To enable this feature, simply select the desired country from the ‘Connect To:’ box (note, you can also select ‘Any Country’ if you would like to use the entire IP list) and then select the desired change interval from the ‘Change Every’ box. Once you have selected your desired parameters press the green ‘Connect’ button to start the process.

    You can stop the auto-change process at any time by clicking on the red ‘Disconnect’ button.

  • 9) Starting and connecting Easy-Hide-IP with Windows

    Hide My Ass also allows you to start automatically protect your identity when Windows starts. There are two options to this feature, the first ‘Start Hide My Ass with Windows’ tells the program to automatically startup when you login to Windows but it will not connect to any of the IP addresses. To hide your IP address you will need to manually connect by using either the green ‘Connect’ button or by selecting one of the individual IP addresses from the list.

    The second option ‘Hide Identity when Hide My Ass starts’ tells Hide My Ass to automatically connect using the last connection settings when the program starts. For example if you select ‘United Kingdom’ from the ‘Connect To’ box and ‘Never’ from the ‘Change Every’ combo boxes and have the ‘Hide Identity when Hide My Ass starts’ option checked the next time you start the program it will automatically connect to the Hide My Ass network using those settings.